Practice Areas

Tax Laws

Having a deep knowledge of the Italian tax laws and longstanding experience in dealing with the Italian tax authority, Studio TCL is the ideal counselor for any type of client, starting with small, medium and large businesses, professional associations and individuals up to families.

Professionals at Studio TCL have all the skills to provide the most effective tailor-made solutions to fit the specific needs of clients with reference to the following activities:
  • Taxation on corporate groups, companies, entities, families and individuals;
  • Direct and indirect tax planning in Italy and abroad;
  • VAT;
  • Custom and excise duties;
  • Tax litigation and ADR to prevent tax disputes with the Italian tax authority;
  • Specialized advising respect to tax and criminal aspects;
  • Transfer pricing – planning group policies, support in preparing TP documentation and benchmark analysis;
  • Assistance in international tax ruling requests;
  • Supporting and assistance related to international tax laws concerning companies, individuals and expatriates.

The Firm is also specialized in providing tax advising, in particular in the above sector:

  • Industrial and commercial;
  • Real estate;
  • Shipping (tonnage tax) and logistics;
  • Insurance and finance;
  • Energy (multi-utility);
  • Public administration.

Corporate Law

Equipped with a strong knowledge and expertise in the field of corporate law, professionals at Studio TCL are able to provide with a practical approach assistance and advising services, which range from regular activities of corporate secretary to more complex transactions and corporate reconstructing. Additionally, they may serve as corporate officers or perform assignments in connection to insolvency procedures:

  • Assistance and advising in setting up new entities, branches and in dealing with their reorganization and termination;
  • Assistance and advising in negotiation for the acquisition/sale of businesses;
  • Handling corporate secretary (secretary service during board of directors’ meetings and shareholders’ meetings, keeping of corporate books and so on);
  • Assistance in connection with M&A transactions;
  • Assistance and advising on steady basis for the information to be provided under D.Lgs. no. 58/1998 and regulations by CONSOB and the Italian Stock Exchange.

In addition, lawyers at Studio TCL or our outside counsels provide an additional support to clients by advising them not only in dealing with legal proceedings before the local Court, but also in drafting contracts and other legal documents in the following areas:

  • Tax law;
  • Labor law;
  • Bankruptcy law;
  • Property and family law.

Corporate Advisor And Court assignments

In relation to corporate advising, professionals at Studio TCL serve as members of:

  • Audit committees with or without the obligation to provide legal revision of corporate statements;
  • Board of directors;
  • Surveillance boards;
  • Surveillance committees under D.Lgs. no. 231/2001 (assistance and advising is also provided in drafting corporate organizational models)
  • Are selected as corporate liquidators

Our professionals have also acquired a longstanding experience in the performance of Court or out-of-Court assignments, mostly with the Court of Genoa and Savona or the Genoa Chamber of Commerce. On this regard, they have been appointed as:
  • Trustee in bankruptcy (or other assignments in connection with insolvency procedures);
  • Advisor for the General Attorney;
  • Judge-appointed or ex parte advisor, also in relation with issues, such as compounding bank interest and lending money at usurious interest;
  • Certifier of debt restructuring plans;
  • Judicial liquidator
  • Court bailiff with and without custody of the property, entrusted to sell debtor’s property during public auction;
  • Arbitrator or member of Arbitration panel at the local real estate Arbitration Chamber.


Keeping abreast on continuous basis with ITA and IAS GAAP is time consuming for companies and their internal accounting departments. Studio TCL provides accounting support, for example:

  • Assistance and advising with preparation of financial statements (both individual and consolidated);
  • Assistance and advising with the correct application of ITA and IFRS GAAP or the accounting principles applicable in foreign States (e.g. US GAAP);
  • Assistance in relation to adopting IAS and related opportunity
  • Reporting package when adopting different accounting principles
  • Voluntary or legal internal audit.


Studio TCL is a member of the Tax & Legal internal committee at AIFI, the Italian Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital, established in May 1986 to develop, coordinate and provide institutional representation to investors on Italian private equity and venture capital market. Therefore, our Firm has gained experience in dealing with the following areas:

  • Business assessment and appraisal;
  • Due diligence (tax, accounting and legal aspects);
  • Impairment test;
  • Planning and support in the performance of M&A, MBO e LBO;
  • Project finance, business plans, budgeting e industrial plans;
  • Business restructuring plans to be intended as advising and drafting debt reorganization plans, judicial and out-of-court plans with debtor’s creditors;
  • Corporate finance e financing;
  • Assessment of financial instruments.

Professional training and Publications

Professionals at Studio TCL have been selected for their experience to teach in professional classes with focus on the Firm practice areas, including la Scuola Superiore dell’Economia e delle Finanze. They are also authors of articles published on specialized reviews, such as Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Fisco and Ship2Shore.

Multifamily Office & Wealth Advisory

Our Firm provides an important advising support and control to families in connection with the business management and generational transfer of their wealth, as well as in selecting assets allocation and management. As for advising on financial assets, our Firm can count on prime level financial institutions, while for decisions connected with real assets we can count on the assistance of the main real estate agents.

Below a description of our main related practice:
  • Real estate advisory;
  • Assessment of the real estate and financial assets;
  • Management of the real estate assets;
  • Planning generational transfer of businesses and wealth with solutions provided to families/heirs/shareholders;
  • Strategies for the protection and transfer of the wealth;
  • Setting up trusts in Italy and abroad or drafting pactum fiduciae;
  • Settlement agreements and amical accords between disputing parties


Our Firm provides outsourcing services in a manner which may include the performance of required services at client’s site or at our offices, based on the terms of our engagement letter.

Our main management outsourcing services are:
  • CFO, accounting & tax manager;
  • General manager;
  • Project manager;
  • Costs controller (planning, budgeting, reporting);
  • Contract manager;
  • IT manager;
  • Company secretarial services.

Accounting, Tax and Payroll services

The Firm also provides accounting, tax and payroll services, which complement Studio TCL practice areas and services. The main supplied services are:

  • Bookkeeping;
  • Payrolls;
  • Filling out and/or sending tax returns;
  • Filing with the local Chamber of Commerce;
  • Queries at local public offices.


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