The firm

PKF - Studio TCL - Tax Consulting Legal is a professional firm, whose members include Chartered Accountants, Auditors, and Lawyers working in the field of tax, corporate and civil law both in Italy and abroad as of 1983. The Firm also offers a multifamily office and provides specialized services for all advisory activities (due diligence, appraisals, M&A, restricting plans, corporate finance) and outsourcing services (administrative, accounting tax and payrolls) with the support of specialized companies.

PKF - Studio TCL - Tax Consulting Legal is a member firm of PKF International Limited.

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Offices in Genoa

Piazza G. Alessi 2/7, 16128
tel +39 010 8183250 - fax +39 010 566758

Offices in Milan

Via G. Revere 16, 20123
tel +39 02 92854246 - fax +39 02 92854287